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Pricing Your Home Correctly With Home Realty

Your Guide to the Perfect Listing

When preparing to list your home on the market, determining the right price can be a real challenge. This complex calculation needs to rest somewhere that isn’t too high, ensuring a competitive price that attracts potential buyers, but not too low that you undersell your home or mistakenly create the assumption that something must be wrong with your house. In order to price your home correctly, there are several factors to consider, and Home Realty is here to help you discover them.

Home Value Estimate

You’ll want to begin with a home value estimate. The internet offers an array of tools that allow you to engage in preliminary research before calling in a professional. Once you’ve determined a ballpark price for your home, you have your starting point. Check out our Home Value Estimator to get started today.

Secure a Reputable Real Estate Agent

It’s important that your next step involves securing a reputable real estate agent that boasts a wealth of knowledge about the local housing market. Your real estate agent will be able to fill in the gaps of your preliminary research and help you identify all the selling points of your neighborhood and home for maximum selling power.

Review Comparable Sales

Your real estate agent will likely perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) that looks at the local comparable sales in your area. Comparable homes may include homes that are similar in amenities, size, structure, and age to your home. The price of these homes can be used as a reference, as your real estate agent walks you through the competitive differences of your home that aid in elevating the asking price.

Rely on Home Realty

Pricing your home correctly is essential to ensure you receive the amount your home is worth. That’s why homeowners rely on Home Realty for expert advice and backing during their buying and selling process. With our knowledge of the local real estate market, our professionals are your trusted partner in establishing a competitive and attractive price for your home. Use our Home Value Estimator and contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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